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Free iPhone Entertainment Apps

Google Mobile Google search with voice and My Location on your iPhone
Urbanspoon Download then shake this app to find a great place to eat
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Pandora Download this music app to personalize your music stream
Shazam Download this iPhone application to identify songs off the radio
Y! Music Download this free app to access your favorite radio stations
More Free iPhone Weather Apps

Free iPhone Weather Apps

Weather Channel Access the Weather Channel's reliable info on your iPhone
AeroWeather Pilots can now get precise weather on their iPhone
Snow Report Get the latest snow reports from North Face on your iPhone
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Shazam This is a very cool free application that is just like the Apple commercial. When you download this free app, you just hold the iPhone near your radio and it will just take seconds for the free app to tell you the name, album, title, YouTube video, and where you can buy it via iTunes.

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